Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Keeping Your Car's Ventilation System Clean

It used to be that cars and trucks had separate fresh air intakes that allowed air to pass directly from the front of the vehicle to the passenger compartment. Today, other than through windows, there is usually only one way for fresh air to enter your car–through the auto ventilation system, which includes the auto air conditioner. Therefore, all the air that enters your car flows through an evaporator core very similar to the one below.

When you run your ventilation system for heating, cooling or just ventilating, air passes through the evaporator core. When cooling, moisture from the air is removed by the evaporator core. This moisture accumulates in the evaporator core chamber where most of it is dumped to the ground through a drain. However, some water may still remain; the chamber and the evaporator can stay wet. Because this area is dark, wet and inevitably dirty, these are IDEAL BREEDING CONDITIONS for mold and mildew to flourish!

When heating or ventilating, and conditions are dry, spores and other fine debris that have accumulated are continually being blown into your enclosed driving environment. In addition, external air carries all kinds of material with it as it enters your vehicle including dust, oil and exhaust vapors, insects, mold spores, pollen and bacteria. This debris accumulates on the evaporator core and the surrounding chamber.

When the evaporator chamber gets moist, mold and bacteria colonies are nurtured on trapped debris and further contaminate the air in the vehicle. Look at the accumulation of debris in the illustration below. The environment in which you drive can cause this to happen in a very short time! Environmental factors include seasonal pollen, air pollution, humidity, wind, cigarette smoking, exhaust fumes, ground breaking at construction sites (fine dust), alternating wet and dry conditions (mold & fungus and spore generation), dairy & farm areas and many more.

From their Exhaust…To Your Lungs!

If your vehicle smells like dirty socks or a damp basement, your personal environment is CONTAMINATED. When you or a mechanic sprays air freshener into the vents or inside the vehicle, you only MASK the odor. The contaminants still remain. The problem has not been solved.

The Cleaning solution must be able to reach the entire evaporator core chamber starting from the air intake side. A spray of air freshener or disinfectant introduced into the air flow will not coat the entire area and will blow through the evaporator at the speed of the air flow. Our thick foaming cleaner fills the chamber from top to bottom. Then, the blower forces the cleaner through all the fins, nooks and crannies of the evaporator resulting in total coverage of the contaminated areas. After about 15 minutes, the foam breaks down into a liquid and drains from the vehicle carrying dissolved contaminants with it. Afterward the core will rinse all remaining residues as condensation forms on the evaporator. The systems gets even cleaner as you drive until the rinse in complete.

It is quick and easy! The photo is the same evaporator as above after being cleaned with DWD2 Evaporator Cleaner. Its obvious, if your evaporator core doesn’t look like this, you and your passengers will be breathing contaminated air. You may only smell it while using the air conditioner, but until you flush it out, it can affect your health all year long. Protect yourself, schedule a cleaning with DWD2 Evaporator Cleaner at least twice each year.