Monday, November 17th, 2014

One of The Perks of Having Your Own Column


One of the perks of having your own column, is every so often you can go completely rogue and write about anything that you want. Today is one of those days and I am going to make use of that option.

As the title suggests this story is primarily about a single month of the year, and normally this month is just the same as every November every year. But this particular year is different for reasons that will become very evident as this story goes on.

To me November is the beginning of the end. It is the eleventh month of the year and December, the twelfth month is just lost in commercialism and buying frenzy’s and then all of a sudden it’s gone. I have great concerns that as the Haunted House was going up in City Plaza so was the Christmas tree. I mean we should at least have a giant stuffed turkey in between the Haunted House and the tree to remind us of November.

November is a very special month for a variety of reasons; Thanksgiving is at the end of the month of course, notice I said Thanksgiving and not Black Friday, and then there is Veterans Day, which in my point of view is as important as Thanksgiving, because without our Veterans we would have precious little to be thankful for. And then there is the Birthday of the Corps. Now if you do not know what the Corps is then I feel very sorry for you.

Actually, calling the USMC the Corps without having the privilege and honor of being one is a step that I overtake, as I am not, but I’ve relatives that have been and sometimes I do cross that line.

Here is what November really is; it is the month that we can exercise our rights as FREE MEN and WOMEN elect into office our leaders that are supposed to keep our land free and righteous. If you don’t vote by choice or apathy then you are part of the problem.

If this describes you then you have NO right to complain about how our government is in trouble. And the part about choosing the lesser of two evils, holds no water because it is only because of the apathetic voting turn out are their two evils, because we are the ones that put them there.

Next is Veterans Day. This is our day to honor and THANK all of the men and woman of this country that have served OUR country, to keep us FREE. I have said on many occasions that I will defend your right to the death to burn my FLAG but your life will be beaten out of you if I ever catch you. My conviction, my choice! Everyone in this country has the most special right, it’s called CHOICE. The right choice wins the wrong choice bears consequences, and because of our right to make a choice then there are no victims here.

Just two days later is the Birthday of the Marine Corps, and as we did with the Navy we will also honor the Corps on its day, and we will also do this on the Birthdays of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the forgotten service, The Merchant Marines. On all of these days we will have coffee and birthday cake in the morning.

Last but not least is Thanksgiving. Not Thanksgiving, the day we gorge ourselves with food and then sit down and fall asleep in front of the football games, but the real Thanksgiving, and this is what this article is about.

Today is November 2nd 2014 and this particular day is very important to me normally and even more so this year. 34 years ago today my son Sean passed away, and while he was only a few days old, a little bit of us left with him. Old news, time heals a lot, today is by divine intervention or coincidence the day that my brother Chris has entered the battle to cure his Cancer.

Today is the first of four days of intense, mind boggling Chemo that will kill his entire immune system, even taking the skin pigmentation from him in preparation of receiving a bone marrow transplant from our sister, Cynthia. For the next 100 days Chris will be in isolation so that his immune system can regroup. He will take on my sister’s blood type and immunities and then continue on. For the medical advances that have been made I am Thankful, for all of you that have helped me raise money to fight Cancer, I am thankful, to my parents that raised us to love each other so much that becoming a donor was a no brainer, I am thankful.

Chris has not been working with me for the last eleven months, and many of our newer clients don’t know him, his picture is on many of our ads, and because he is a part of this thing we call family. To all of you that know Chris, I am thankful for all of the letters and prayers and concerns that you all have had. You are a great part of my strength and that allows me to go on.

So to all of my readers, please accept my thanks to you, because you are part of the Gregg’s Automotive Family, and without you there would not be a Gregg’s Automotive.

With all that said, I wish all of you a happy November, and a glorious and Blessed Thanksgiving.

God Bless you all.
Gregg Marrapodi


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